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For over 19 years Holiday Systems International (HSI) has provided exclusive products and services to its private clientele. HSI operates at the highest level of ethical standards. HSI holds all of its employees and applicants to a very high standard – standards set by HSI clients. During these tough economic times we want the best of the best; our clients not only expect a high level of customer service and VIP treatment, but we feel they also deserve it! With any successful company or fantastic opportunity you will have a few people that are not willing to give what it takes to get the job done. HSI is truly dedicated to our member’s satisfaction which means every employee and applicant must be willing to give 110% to ensure that our member’s expectations are realized. Unfortunately, there does come a time when HSI must part ways with an employee or an applicant for their unwillingness or inability to accomplish what we have set forth. HSI has hundreds of happy employees who proud to service our clients. However, we do find it disappointing that the few who did not make it feel the need to post derogatory and false claims against us.
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Totally unprofessional. Las Vegas, NV 8/26/2010.

Contacted by the operations manger of Holiday Systems while on the east coast during vacation. Live in Henderson, Nv. Contacted me for position as a Senior Recruiter for the company in LV. Interview confirmed twice.

Flew back to NV. Arrived 20 minutes early for interview and introduced myself to admin. personnel, waited 20 minutes. Young gentleman came out and informed me position already filled, no call to cancel interiew, no email, no text, no smoke signals, no ops manger.

One hour travel time plus.

Was aware of reviews and all the bad print before going but kept an open mind. *** Me.

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be glad you didn't get the Job!!


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